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Our services

We have 30 years of experience as a contract manufacturer in the liquid foods sector, and we guarantee top quality, reliability and innovation. As part of the international, family-run Ehrmann dairy, we apply our co-manufacturing expertise and technical capabilities on a daily basis in order to develop customised solutions for well-known brands and private labels.

All our employees have built up their skills over many years and are highly trained in this sphere. They are also passionate about their work. Which means that we put our heart and minds into turning nutritional requirements, statutory regulations and individual specifications into a recipe for success – a recipe for your success!

Our standards


All from a single source:

We will gladly undertake any or all of the stages of processing
and production for you, from the procurement of raw materials and
product development, to aseptic bottling, packaging, and logistics


Food safety:

We work in accordance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) guidelines. This means we guarantee compliance with food safety requirements in all our production processes.


Every recipe is unique. In order to safeguard your expertise and your competitive advantage, we undertake to keep details of the production process and raw ingredients used completely confidential.


You can send us your specifications for particular raw ingredients, which we will use to make your product individually tailored to your requirements. On request we can include a guarantee in our contract to use your raw ingredients solely for your product.



Our production is carried out in accordance with the relevant national legal standards and also, if necessary, in accordance with any additional international requirements.


A successful relationship is based on reliability and trust. Because we always communicate with our customers as equals and value collaborative relationships, we are always able to give you tailor-made solutions and genuine added value.

Product development

A core area of expertise for us for over 30 years has been infant nutrition and specialised liquid food. Every product is individually produced according to your specifications.

An overview of our offering

  • Liquid Infant Nutrition:
    – Preterm Formula
    – Infant Milk (IF)
    – Follow-on formula (FOF)
    – Growing-up milk (GUM)
    – Special foods / iFSMP
  • Ready-to-drink (RTD)
  • Sports nutrition, sports drinks


High-quality packaging is essential to protect your product. We extensively test the material for interaction with the ingredients used in the product, and guarantee that bottling will be of the highest quality.

We’ll be happy to advise you.

In us you have a capable and reliable partner. Together we can find a solution individually customised to your needs and aims. To contact us simply fill out the form. We’ll get back to you right away.