Certified quality baby food – also in organic!


Every recipe is unique – we develop exclusive customised solutions in the infant nutrition sector for our customers, from iFSMP to other specialised foods, which meet the highest standards for quality and functionality . This applies to large orders and small batches (low MOQ).

On request, we can also supply outstanding quality organic products.

Infant Nutrition

The highly sensitive market for liquid infant nutrition is our area of expertise. National and international suppliers of baby food have relied on us for over three decades. As well as ready-to-feed foods (RTFs) used in hospitals, which we produce according to your specifications, we also make convenience foods for infants in the form of ready-to-drink products (RTDs).

As producers of liquid infant nutrition we are responsible for the diet and growth of our youngest customers. For this reason we demand the highest standards of hygiene from personnel, processes and machines, in order to ensure top quality products that are tailored to the nutritional requirements of premature babies, infants and small children.

Our products include:


Preterm Formula


Infant Milk Formula (IMF)


Growing-Up Milk Formula (GUM)


Follow-On Milk Formula (FOF)


Special food / IFSMP (infant food for special medical purposes)

Sports nutrition

Get your product range moving – we make up sports and protein drinks from high-quality raw ingredients for the growing sports nutrition market. In this field, too, our co-manufacturing service far exceeds that of a conventional contract manufacturer. Our customers get customised solutions, tailored to their wishes and target brands, from a single source.

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